Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts in Fort Smith, Arkansas


The development of Kuk Sool Won™ is a significant event in the history of Korean martial arts.  In order to understand the significance and the complexity of Kuk Sool Won, it is important to differentiate between a style of martial art and a system of martial art styles.  Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, Judo, Tang Soo Do, Aikido, Hapkido and so on are all different martial art styles.

Kuk Sool Won™, on the other hand, is not really a style of martial arts at all, but is instead a highly scientific, comprehensive, hybrid martial arts system.  This means that Kuk Sool Won is not limited to a particular style of martial arts, but is a systematic study of the entire Korean martial arts spectrum dating from ancient times to present.  It includes many martial art styles within its scope.

While Kuk Sool Won™ may contain certain elements specific to other styles of martial arts, it goes far beyond the ranges of other martial art styles, for example, Tae Kwon Do is mostly kicking, Judo is mostly throwing, Aikido is mostly joint-locking, etc., while Kuk Sool Won incorporates all of these and emphasizes each.

As a martial arts system, Kuk Sool Won covers the entire spectrum of the traditional Asian techniques of body conditioning, mental development, self-defense, fighting arts as well as traditional weapons training.  As a result, it gives the practitioner and student an understanding of the broader range of martial arts technique and theory.
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