Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts in Fort Smith, Arkansas


Kuk Sool Won of the River Valley
Adult Martial Arts

Our martial arts classes have two goals:

  1. Teach you the skills for self defense
  2. Get you in amazing shape

You’ll accomplish both while having fun and making friends.

Our Martial Arts Program Is Empowering

You’ll discover:


Incredible hand to hand combat techniques


How to stay safe against a surprise attack


How to defend yourself & loved ones from an armed attacker


What to do against opponents much larger than you


How to turn your environment into a weapon to use against an attacker


How to identify and escape danger before it happens

Boost Your Confidence & Fitness

To learn and grow with your martial arts skills, you must develop your self-discipline. You have to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. Going to class and showing up on a regular basis develops your discipline.

As you progress, your confidence will soar, and your physical endurance will increase. You’ll realize how strong you really are, and that strength will carry over into other parts of your life.

As a result, you’ll feel happier, empowered and have a higher quality of life.

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