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What is Black Belt Club?

Black Belt Club (BBC) is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated students with the long term goal of achieving black belt and beyond. These students have memorized and implemented the Student Creed and follow the three A’s of training: Attendance, Attitude, and Achievement.

What Are the Advantages of Black Belt Club?


Opportunity to train more than twice a week


Weapons package


Weapons case


10% discount on Pro Shop and supplies


Special uniform


SWAT eligibility


Special weapons class

How do I know if I qualify to be a BBC member?

To be considered as a BBC member, you must be a yellow belt or higher, have been enrolled in required program for at least a year, be actively training twice a week, and make up all missed classes promptly. You must have the Student Creed memorized. You must be committed to achieving the rank of black belt.

Do I have to be recommended by an instructor to become a member?

There are two ways to become a BBC member. One way is to be recommended by an instructor. Another way is to turn in the application which is located on the other side of this brochure.

Does BBC affect my schedule?

You must maintain your regular two classes per week schedule. As a BBC member, you would be eligible to attend additional classes each week and up to two BBC classes per month. We encourage all BBC members to attend at least three classes per week.

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